Will & Estates And Real Estate Law

Invest in a Written Will for Your Loved Ones

A thoroughly planned will can be a great investment for you and your loved ones. With a will you cannot only protect your assets, but also help your family as well. When you pass, a will can help with administrating your estate and make the mourning process less stressful. Your will and estate will give you peace of mind knowing that you have a plan to help with facilitating probate, addressing estate plan, determining heirs, minor, taxes, family business and many more. When you have all of these planned out, you will have less to worry about. Your family will also be comforted in a difficult time.

Probate Administration Assistance to Help Close the Books

Probate is where the estate of an individual is opened by the Register of Wills or other office of the local county where the person died. Probate is useful whether the individual has a written will or not. After an individual has passed away, their estate is opened to pay debts and taxes, and then distribute remaining money to heirs and other beneficiaries. When someone dies with debts and assets in only their name, probate and administration of their estate is required. Once probate administration is complete it will bring peace of mind to loved ones in a difficult and stressful time. For assistance with probate administration from an experienced attorney, contact Thomas J “Tim” Pellish Attorney at Law today at (570) 628-3325.

Real Estate Purchase & Sale Services:

-Negotiating the purchase & sale

-Drafting the purchase and sale contract

-Reviewing the title documents

-Assure the validity of any title or deed.

-Advising purchasers and sellers about zoning tax laws

-Negotiating the finance options for the purchase of a home.

-Closing the deal

-Handling any disputes that might arise between the purchaser and seller of a home.

If you are planning or are entering into a purchase or sale of a home, it is highly recommended to contact a real estate attorney. Only they will be able to completely explain the issues to you, keep your interests in mind, and handle disputes.

Title Insurance to Help Protect Your Real Estate Purchase

A real estate purchase is often one of the most important in your life and it can be a complicated transaction. Title insurance can protect your property if there is defect or other problem with the title. If there is a loss because of lien or other title defect, title insurance will protect you against a lawsuit and provide a repayment to assist with any money lost in the transaction. Title insurance can protect your investment against any and all taxes, liens, encumbrances, easements, right-of-way, mortgages, ownership rights of third parties, and rights of any others in subject property, up to the amount of the title insurance policy.

Let Us Assist With Title Abstracting Before Purchasing a Property

The abstract of a title is used to learn about a property’s history when it is considered for sale. The buyers often do this before purchasing a property to find any legal barriers that might prevent the sale. With an abstract title it is possible to eliminate any legal disputes which include boundary disputes, disputes over easements and other encumbrances, and disputes regarding the gifting or transfer of title in a written will.   Trust the real estate attorneys of Thomas J “Tim” Pellish Attorney at Law in Pottsville for assistance with an abstract title. We can help you draft, modify, review or contest abstract titles and also represent in the event of a lawsuit.