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Family Law Legal help for Hard Coal Country

Family law cases are often times complex and emotionally difficult to deal with for all parties involved. Thomas J “Tim” Pellish Attorney at Law is the competent and compassionate law firm you need. Our attorneys will represent you in the family law legal system as an advocate and will fight for your rights. The law firm of Thomas J. Pellish will guide you through the legal process of divorce, separation, child custody, child support, adoption and grandparents’ legal right cases. With each case, our goal is to find a solution that works for every member of the family. When you have family law case on your hands, contact Thomas J “Tim” Pellish Attorney at Law in Pottsville, PA, at (570) 628-3325.

Process of Divorce and Separation for the Pottsville, PA, Area

Divorce cases are stressful and emotionally charged for both parties involved. Thomas J “Tim” Pellish Attorney at Law is the qualified divorce lawyer you need to handle the situation with compassion and discrete attention. If you are considering filing for divorce or if the divorce proceedings are ongoing, depend on The law firm of Thomas J. Pellish in Pottsville, PA. Our attorneys have the experience and knowledge necessary to help you navigate through the confusing divorce legal process.

Married couples in Schuylkill County sometimes consider separation instead of divorce because it is seen as an easier option. Thomas J “Tim” Pellish Attorney at Law will represent you during the legal separation litigation process to protect what is important to you and protect your rights. In a separation, the legal marriage remains with each spouse living separately. Separated couples may choose to reestablish their marriage or continue with divorce later if they choose.

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Child Custody and Child Support for the Jim Thorpe, PA, Area

After a divorce, rely on Thomas J “Tim” Pellish Attorney at Law for the legal assistance you require for settling a variety of issues related to child custody. Drawing upon our years of experience, we work diligently to help protect your rights while ensuring the interests of the children involved. While it is usually in the best interest of the child for parents to have a joint-custody agreement, we understand that certain factors may prevent maintaining such an agreement. Turn to our child custody attorneys when your table mediation fails to get you the advocacy in court that you need.

With the care of your children, you may be concerned with getting them the financial support they need for the future. You may also be worried that child support payments maybe be more than your income can handle as well. Thomas J “Tim” Pellish Attorney at Law will ensure that you can settle for fair child support payments and find the right modification to prevent penalties, fine or even jail time.

Adoption Legal Assistance to Make the Process Easier in Reading, PA

Thomas J “Tim Pellish Attorney at Law is the experienced family law attorney you need to understand complex adoption laws in Pennsylvania. Whether you are a married couple, stepparent, grandparent, foster parent or prospective parents, we will guide you through the complicated legal process of adoption. This includes working with adoption agencies, adoption laws and the paperwork. When you are ready to begin the process of adopting a child trust the attorneys at The law firm of Thomas J. Pellish in Pottsville, PA, to assist with your case. Our team will provide you with the information you need to achieve a smooth adoption process. From the first meeting, to the completion of an adoption, you can depend on Thomas J “Tim Pellish Attorney at Law at to protect your rights and interests.

Our Law Firm is Ready to Fight for Grandparent Rights

Thomas J “Tim Pellish Attorney at Law is here to help grandparents in Schuylkill County fight for their rights and allow them to be apart of their grandchildren’s lives. If your relationship was forced to change because of a death, divorce, incarceration or other incident, we will help you gain the rights you need. Our attorneys are experienced in grandparents’ right cases and will fight for your rights whether you are in need of visitation, paternity or custody of your grandchild.