Employment Law Attorney

Wrongful Termination

Pennsylvania is an “at will” state, which means an employer may terminate an employee at anytime for any reason or no reason at all. Whatever the reason, the state laws require that the termination must be legally valid. An individual fired for illegal reasons may sue for wrongful termination damages. Thomas J “Tim” Pellish Attorney at Law has many years of experience protecting the rights of individuals victimized by unscrupulous employers. If you have been wrongfully terminated, our team can be your advocate. We are dedicated to reclaiming your rights and receiving justice.

Hostile Work Environment

A work environment becomes hostile when certain behaviors, actions or communication make it difficult to do your work properly. When employees experience threats, harassment or interference that prevent them from performing work it may be considered hostile conduct. The court considers not all offenses actionable. Our attorneys will evaluate your claim and determine whether you have a valid case. If you have a hostile work case, Thomas J “Tim” Pellish Attorney at Law can provide the strong legal representation you need.

Courts requirements to determine whether or not a working environment is hostile:

The actions or behavior discriminate against a Title VII protected classification, such as race, sex or gender, religion, disability, or age. It is offensive, continual, and is not swiftly investigated and addressed by the company. The acts were severe enough to interfere with the employee’s work, and/or it interferes with the employee’s career ladder progression. The employer was aware of what was going on, yet did not take action to stop the behavior. In this case, the employer may be held liable. The victim believed he or she had to tolerate the behavior to remain employed.

Sexual Harassment

Thomas J “Tim” Pellish Attorney at Law is dedicated to representing individuals who experienced sexual harassment while at the workplace. If you were forced to quit or were fired because of sexual harassment, contact our law firm right away. When victims of sexual harassment face a personal attack on their dignity and self-worth, we stand with them to teach their employer respect. Sexual harassment can take many forms such as comments, messages and actions. If sexual harassment at work is bothering you, do not quit. Contact our office for a consultation about your rights. Also contact us if you are experiencing retaliation for reporting sexual harassment before you are forced out or fired.

Whistleblower Retaliation

Whistleblowing happens when an employee reports hazardous, illegal or improper things occurring at their workplace. Whistleblower retaliation happens when the employer responds to an employee’s actions by harassing or terminating their position. Thomas J “Tim” Pellish Attorney at Law is here for employees who seek legal help with whistleblower retaliation. Our attorneys believe you should never feel obligated to participate in questionable activity to keep your job and will strive to protect your rights. If you have experienced whistleblower retaliation from your employer contact Thomas J “Tim” Pellish Attorney at Law right away at (570) 628-3325.

Forced to Quit

Some employers try to force their employees to quit instead of firing. Employees may also experience hostile work environment such as threats or harassment until they are forced to quit. Often times an employee is forced to quit to avoid workers’ compensation, wrongful termination claims and unemployment benefits. When an employee quits voluntarily, they will not be able to sue for wrongful termination and will be ineligible for unemployment compensation. If an employee is forced to quit, that considered the equivalent as being terminated. An employee has all the rights they would have if the employer would have just fired them. Contact Thomas J “Tim” Pellish Attorney at Law if you were forced to resign from your job today to get the justice and compensation you need.