Criminal Law Attorney in Reading and Jim Thorpe, PA

Criminal Law Representation in Berks and Carbon Counties

When you face criminal charges, you need a law firm with the experience and competence to help your specific case. Thomas J “Tim” Pellish Attorney at Law is here to provide you with comprehensive criminal law legal representation. Our criminal law attorneys have the knowledge and resources to help you navigate through the complicated legal system. We give only honest counsel so that you can make the right decisions under difficult circumstances. Whether you are up against steep fines or jail time, our law firm fights to protect your rights to the fullest extent.

Are You Facing Criminal Charges?

However minor or major your charges may be, we provide your case with the individual attention it needs. When it comes to the courtroom outcome in criminal cases, having the right legal representation often makes all of the difference. Contact us to schedule a consultation with our experienced criminal lawyers. We proudly represent clients in the Reading and Jim Thorpe, PA areas.

Assault Case Representation in Reading and Jim Thorpe

When you are involved in an assault case, turn to Thomas J “Tim” Pellish Attorney at Law in Reading and Jim Thorpe, PA. Our attorneys will fight for your rights. Whether you are charged with simple assault, negligent assault, felony assault or aggravated assault, the punishment can be harsh. You need an experienced attorney with a good understanding of Pennsylvania criminal law on your side to help reduce the sentence of your assault charge.

Burglary Charges in Hamburg and Lehighton

If you are charged with burglary, contact the attorneys at Thomas J “Tim” Pellish Attorney at Law right away. Depending on the severity, it might be charged as a second, third or fourth degree crime. We will represent you even if you are charged of aggravated burglary, which is considered a first degree felony. Our attorneys can go over your burglary case and let you know of the possible outcomes and options available to you.

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Our Attorneys Can Handle All Federal, State and Local Charges

Federal crimes are very serious offenses and the penalties can be life changing. Federal charges can in include sex crimes, drug charges, weapons charges or white collar charges. When you know about your federal crimes charges, contact Thomas J “Tim” Pellish Attorney at Law right away. Our attorneys are authorized and have the right training to handle your case in federal court. We have the right qualifications to handle any federal criminal case and get you the best results possible. State and local crimes in Pennsylvania can have lesser penalties than federal crimes, but they should be handled with the same seriousness. Violating a state or local law can still have a big impact on your record and for the rest of your life. If you are charged with a federal, state or local crime contact Thomas J “Tim” Pellish Attorney at Law for the best representation in the region.

We are Here for Our Clients Dealing with DUI Charges

Driving under the influence (DUI) is a serious offense in Pennsylvania. In the state you can be impaired after the consumption of alcohol, controlled substances or other chemicals. A DUI conviction can have serious consequences and can affect your life for a long time. Common consequences for a DUI can include fines, community service, probation, license suspension and jail time. A DUI is not easy to deal with but with Thomas J “Tim” Pellish Attorney at Law at your side, the legal process can be less stressful and smoother. Although DUI convictions come with harsh consequences, our law firm knows how to fight back. We make sure you have every available advantage when it comes to arguing your case. While every client’s circumstances are different, we always provide the honest advice and aggressive representation you need as you proceed. Thomas J “Tim” Pellish Attorney at Law is the dedicated advocate you can trust when your money, driving and even freedom are on the line. Our attorneys have the experience and resources you need to improve the outcome of your case.

Drug Crime and Possession

Thomas J “Tim” Pellish Attorney at Law has attorneys with the right experience and skill to represent our clients involved in a drug charge. You can trust our attorneys will have your interest in mind and protect your rights. How you are charged depends on type of drug and the amount in your possession. Thomas J “Tim” Pellish Attorney at Law will help you understand the complicated drug laws in Pennsylvania. We will fight for you in court to reduce any conviction and penalties.

Shoplifting and Theft

Shoplifting might seem like a minor crime but a conviction can have a big effect on your record and the rest of your life. The attorneys at Thomas J “Tim” Pellish Attorney at Law will help with your shoplifting case to prevent a criminal conviction. No matter the situation or why you were accused of shoplifting, we will fight to obtain a less punishment and even a dismissal of your case.

Weapons Charges

Being charged of a misdemeanor or felony weapons offense can lead to serious consequences. Weapons charges can lead to fines, criminal records and even jail time in Pennsylvania, even if you had no intention of using the weapon. Contact Thomas J “Tim” Pellish Attorney at Law, our attorneys are knowledgeable and experienced in weapons laws and can represent your case well.