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When legal issues arise in the Pottsville, PA, area, there is only one law office local residents trust. Attorneys Thomas J. “Tim” Pellish and Thomas P. Pellish have the legal expertise to get residents in the Pottsville area through civil litigation, divorce, and real estate transactions. Our attorneys provide thorough and concise legal counsel, and we pride ourselves on bringing justice and solid results to every client we work with. To schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys, give our law office a call today at (570) 628-3325.

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Meet Attorney Thomas J. “Tim” Pellish: Over Three Decades of Experience

Thomas J. “Tim” Pellish has practiced law in coal country since 1983, and he has represented hundreds of clients. After receiving his B.A. from Kings College in Wilkes-Barre, Tim earned his J.D. from South Texas College of Law in Houston, TX. He works with clients in practices like real estate, estate planning, family law, and civil litigation, as well as criminal law in Berks and Carbon Counties.

Tim served on the Pottsville City Council from 1985 to 1993 and took over as city solicitor in 1995, where he has served ever since. He has also served as Schuylkill County District Attorney. In addition to these legal services, he is a volunteer fireman for the Humane Fire Co. in Pottsville, and he has served on the boards for the Pottsville Free Public Library and the Pottsville Lions Ambulance. He currently practices on North Centre Street with his son, Thomas P. Pellish.


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The son of Tim Pellish, Thomas P. Pellish has practiced law in Pottsville since 2015. A Pottsville native, Thomas graduated from Nativity BVM High School in 2008, earned his Bachelor’s degree from West Chester University in 2011, and graduated with his J.D. from Widener University School of Law in 2015. He practices in areas like real estate, estate planning, family law, and civil litigation throughout the Pottsville area.


Since 2018, Thomas has served as Assistant District Attorney in Schuylkill County, as well as a member of the Pottsville Zoning Board and the Pottsville Fair Hiring Board. Outside of work, Thomas is a member of the Knights of Columbus.


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Real Estate Attorneys Serving Pottsville, PA, and Surrounding Areas

The attorneys at Thomas J. Pellish Law Office have the experience and expertise to assist those purchasing real estate in the Pottsville area. Since our law office opened, we have assisted clients with purchase negotiations, reviewed titles, advised on zoning tax laws, and helped clients close the deal on real estate transactions.

Our attorneys advise about any legal pitfalls or dangers involved with purchasing real estate, and attempt to eliminate any boundary disputes. When Pottsville clients plan to purchase a home or real estate, they contact the attorneys at Thomas J. Pellish Law Office as soon as possible.

Assisting Pottsville-Area Residents with Wills and Probate Hearings

The easiest way for residents in the Pottsville area to protect their assets and ensure their wishes after passing away is through a will. The attorneys at Thomas J. Pellish Law Office make estate planning easy for individuals and families. Our qualified attorneys take pride in representing clients from drafting wills, to estate planning, to probate hearings after death.

We work hard to make these stressful times easier for our clients in Pottsville and surrounding areas. For more information on wills, estate planning, and probate, give us a call today. 

Civil Litigation for Clients Throughout the Schuylkill County Area

Civil litigation deals with non-criminal disputes that need swift ramification through mediation, arbitration, or trial. The civil litigation experts at Thomas J. Pellish Law Office have decades of collective experience serving individuals in Schuylkill County. 

We offer civil litigation for a number of torts, including personal injuries, property crimes, intellectual property law, and employment law. Talk to our two qualified attorneys in Pottsville, PA, to learn more about our civil litigation services and how they can assist you. 


Personal Injury Representation from Thomas J. Pellish Law Office

Injures can happen frequently in the Pottsville area, and in a lot of cases, they occur due to the negligence of another individual or group. The attorneys at Thomas J. Pellish Law Office have the tools and experience to hold negligent parties accountable in personal injury cases. Some of the cases we handle include slip and fall cases, workplace injuries, auto accidents, wrongful deaths, and medical malpractice casualties. Trust our team in Pottsville with your personal injury case and allow us to get you the compensation you deserve.


We Represent Domestic Violence Victims Throughout Court Proceedings

Domestic violence victims face a difficult path, and deserve quality representation when holding their abusers accountable. Our attorneys take great pride in representing domestic violence victims and bringing swift justice to their situations.

Our compassionate counsel brings peace of mind to our clients and their families, so they can focus on their mental health and wellness instead of the case. If you or a loved one has suffered through domestic violence, call our attorneys today to take the first step toward a solution.

General Litigation for Clients in the Pottsville, PA, Area

Pottsville residents choose the attorneys at Thomas J. Pellish Law Office for any lawsuit they wish to pursue. Our attorneys handle general litigation cases and ensure that we properly build a case for our clients. When someone makes you the victim of a civil or criminal action, our attorneys make sure to hold them accountable. General litigation is an important part of the legal systems, so give our attorneys a call today.